1991. Igma Enterprise was established. Core business activity was real estate operations.

1999. Igma Enterprise became Igma Capital Group LLC due to successful activities and a well-coordinated work of all company’s employees.

2004. A representative office of Igma Capital Group LLCwas launched in the Republic of Belarus.

2013. The company issued its corporate bonds after being audited by the Securities Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus.

Today, Igma Capital GroupLLC is a company with more than twenty-year international history. The entity has fulfilled dozens of projects for the construction, purchase and sale of real estate for the years of it productive operations. The company assisted commissioning of many thousand square meters of real estate. The company has built its own commercial real estate sites, too.

A huge customer base has been accumulated for the years of operations. We have established partnerships and friendships with many of our clients.

And today Igma Capital GroupLLC is proud for its impeccable business reputation based on reliability and stability, competent work of the qualified professionals at all levels, and the atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding.


абота специалистов на всех уровнях, атмосфера доверия и взаимопонимания.