Igma Capital Group LLC has been doing its business for more than 20 years; this companies group achieves more and more impressive results and becomes more and more comfortable in cooperation. Our goals are active development of the existing and new businesses, sustainable and more than just a significant role in the Belarusian marketplace, keeping legacy customers and attracting new ones. We plan to achieve our objectives gradually by optimizing our business processes, hiring highly skilled professionals, and by utilizing our experience gained for the years of our existence.

Thus, we plan to commission a number of office real estate sites (the B+, A-, and A categories) in Minsk City, which is the capital of Belarus, in the next few years. In addition, it is planned to improve our regional property network (in the regional cities), to develop our own warehouse and industrial premises. We prioritize innovative and energy efficient projects.

We also plan to improve the quality of the services delivered. At that, the service rates will be kept equal or below the market price. Moreover, we plan to improve the comfort of service of both our permanent and new clients.

We will pay particular attention to developing new businesses. One of the businesses is the investment support to be provided to the promising, important and unique projects in various fields, i.e. venture financing. In such cases, Igma Capital Group LLC operates as a business angel.