Investment consulting

Igma Capital Group LLC proposes services to the investment projects in the field of commercial real estate. In particular, the services are as follows:

  1. Corporate consulting:

– advising on corporate governance;

– advising on the use of the market tools for asset restructuring and management.

2. Consulting and soliciting of investment projects:

– feasibility studies of business plans, financial, marketing, legal, organizational plans;

– drafting and analysis of the financial models of investment projects;

– searching for and selecting the investors interested in implementing investment projects; and completing formalities of the deals based on the attraction of investment resources;

– drafting proposals on the terms and conditions of financing investment projects; restructuring of the capital-raising deals.


Corporate bonds

Igma Capital Group LLC is also interested in cooperation in the field of corporate bonds.

After being audited by the Securities Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus, the company is the emitter of its own corporate bonds; we offer a good profitability of the invested capital to our potential partners.

We are also interested in investing a consolidated capital into the corporate securities of legal entities.