Igma Capital Group LLC is ready for efficient collaboration with corporate entities. We offer several options of mutually beneficial cooperation. You can choose the option that meets your requirements and the needs of your business.


The Companies Group gets your financing to turn new interesting and promising projects into reality, and some time after the funds are capitalized and reimbursed.

Joint venture.

Igma Capital Group LLC is ready to establish a joint venture on the following terms and conditions:

  • you own a majority stake;
  • we attract a group of investors to fulfill your plans;
  • both you and us, we establish a joint venture on a parity basis.


Credits charged upon property.

Our company gives credits to organizations if the credits are charged upon property, and other collaterals.

Portfolio investments.

Igma Capital Group LLC makes portfolio investments, i.e. it invests in securities (shares, bonds).

Business partnership.

Our company is ready to become a business partner. This classical cooperation scheme is the most solid basement of any joint project.


Whatever you choose, please feel free to address your questions to us, and we will do our best to answer them.