Igma Capital Group LLC is a company with more than twenty-year international history; today it reveals itself as a venture investor, too. I.e, it is a business angel. This means, we are ready to support promising projects in all forms; these should be the projects peculiar due to their importance, novelty, and the projects of public interest.

By addressing Igma Capital Group LLC, you find a partner, which is a successfully dynamically developing company; you give yourself a chance to spring your project to life, to generate value, to change the world, and of course you give your company the opportunity to enter another level and to get a more significant position in the market.

We are equally interested in projects in all fields and prospects. We are ready to listen to everyone. At that, we would like to prioritize the projects, start-ups, and ideas we are mostly interested in:

  • energyefficiencyprojects;
  • projects with good environmental effect;
  • projects with a high added value and/or a good rate of return;
  • innovative projects having no competition or surpassing all existing competition as the technology and economy indicators are concerned;
  • any of your projects that you believe to be interesting, important, and promising if you can prove us this is really the case.

Igma Capital Group LLC sets no restrictions as the amounts are concerned. If we are engaged in the project implementation, we are ready to fight for it at all government institutions until it works out.

Nevertheless, we will not be able to help you unless you make us aware. Please contact us, and this will be the first step to implement your ideas!