Growing real estate investment

Growing real estate investment


According to the Statistics Committee , real estate investment in Belarus in January – April 2013 increased by 4.8% , and now they are equal to 8 trillion Br.

So for the first quarter of 2013 , investment in construction totaled 6145.2 billion Br, representing 17.1 % of the fixed capital investment . Relative to the first quarter of 2012 , investments amounted to 107.8 %. Most have invested in construction in Minsk – 1 733.9 billion Br, in second place – Minsk region – 1 368.3 billion Br.
With regard to housing construction in operation , then as evidenced by the figures , more than others succeeded Minsk region – where surrendered 353.7 thousand square meters.Next Minsk – 252.3 thousand square meters.

In general, the Republic of Belarus was commissioned 1 285.2 thousand square meters.Separate category of citizens are standing registered in need of better housing conditions. Of course, they are interested in the amount of housing for the needy. According to the National Statistical Committee for citizens engaged in construction with state support – 606.7 thousand square meters. in apartment buildings and cities – 468.1 thousand square meters. in rural areas and small towns .

Most rural areas in the first quarter of 2013 was introduced in the Minsk region – 228.6 thousand square meters. Continue consideration of statistical data. Now we are interested in what set the average cost per square meter in the first quarter of 2013. In general, the average cost of Belarus square meter was 8 348.2 thousand Br. At the same time the primary market – 9 037.8 thousand Br, and on the secondary market – 8 246.9 thousand Br. Not surprisingly, the highest average price per square meter was recorded in Minsk – 11 579.2 thousand Br, with the primary market – 12 043.2 thousand square meters, and in the secondary – 11 497.3 thousand Br.

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