The history of the multi-profile companies group titled “Igma Capital Group LLC” started more than 20 years ago. For all this time — as well as today — our efforts have been focused on the maximum customer satisfaction.

The core business activities of the organization are as follows:

  • realestatedevelopment;
  • leasing of commercial real estate (offices, warehouses, industrial premises);
  • outsourcing in the field of building exploitation and maintenance;
  • investing into perspective, eco-friendly and energy efficient projects; supporting development of the greenbuilding technology.


The most important resource of Igma Capital Group LLC is its staff. Their education, practical experience accumulated for the years of productive work, skills, personal characteristics and efficient interaction inside the team and with the clients enable the organization to achieve a lot of things. For a short period of time considering the company of that level we have implemented dozens of projects, including the projects of building and constructing office, warehouse, industrial real estate of high quality in the Republic of Belarus. The company develops and implements new perspective business activities. The organization gradually develops. The quality of all delivered is very high, which can be proved by the numerous clients including lessees who have been cooperating with us for many years.

The business concept of Igma Capital Group LLC is based on five principles:

  1. comfortandreasonableaffordability;
  2. futuretechnologies;
  3. eco-friendliness and energy efficiency;
  4. honestyandgoodwill;
  5. satisfaction of all needs of our clients.

Running business according to these principles helps the company not only achieve its goals quickly but also keep pace with the times, establish excellent relationships with the clients, and maintain an unassailable reputation.

Igma Capital Group LLC is a reliable partner; dealing with it is not only a bargain, but a pleasure, too.