Outsourcing is subletting non-core or unprofitable (for the company) work/services to another company. As a result, the company can forward its resources to expand its core business and strengthen its market positions; i.e. the company can continue doing the things it can do the best.

Outsourcing can be explained by a simple formula: to focus all resources of the core company’s business activity and transfer the remaining (supporting, accompanying) functions to a reliable and professional partner.

For example, if operating and maintaining of a buildingis not your profile activity, then you will bargain from outsourcing these servicesto Igma Capital Group. We will help ensure safety and comfort to the people in the premises that we maintain.

What does such a broad definition as “building maintenance and exploitation” mean?

  1. Organization of building exploitation. This includes:
  • establishment of structural units for maintenance and exploitation of buildings and their engineering networks;
  • management of relations with cooperating organizations and suppliers;
  • execution of all types of work on maintenance and repair of the premises rented by the client;
  • implementation of the legal and regulatory activities.
  1. Control of the technical status of the engineering systems; maintenance of such systems to be healthy, efficient; timely adjustment and calibration of the systems. The systems include:
  • water supply, sanitation, and waste management systems;
  • heating systems (boilers);
  • power supply and lighting systems;
  • ventilation and air-conditioning systems;
  • fire alarm and security systems;
  • elevators;
  • burglar alarm systems (video surveillance, etc.).
  1. Organization of scheduled and unscheduled inspections, scheduled and preventive maintenance, monitoring of technical status of the bearing constructions and engineering systems.
  2. Organization and carrying out of capital and current repair of buildings, premises, and the complex of engineering systems, which includes the scope of building, construction, organizational and technical actions focused on troubleshooting (recovery) of the components of the equipment and the engineering systems of the buildings in order to maintain their performance indicators.
  3. Sanitary maintenance (cleaning) of buildings and their adjacent territories.

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