Igma Group Capital Group LLC is an active player of the real estate development market. This includes such areas as construction management and real estate management focused on capitalizing the property value and on increasing the revenues generated by the real estate. The success of all initiatives is guaranteed by our vast experience gained over the years of intense and fruitful activities in various countries, and by skills and understanding of all relevant processes.

The real estate services provided by the Companies Group are listed below:

1) Consulting support (at all stages of the process);

2) Soliciting the client at all government agencies and institutions, and providing all kinds of legal support;

3) Search and selection of the land plot;

4) Development of a new project, and adjustment of the existing projects;

5) Search and supervision of a building and construction contractor.


The services of maintaining and supporting the ready-made sites, which do not require quality change management, are described in the Outsourcing webpage.