Every person faces the challenge of the rational use of his/her property. At that, this does not depend on the size and scope of his/her belongings. According to the law, the owner is responsible for the owned property; the owner cannot just forget and neglect it. It is no wonder that property can be the source of multiple problems; and the problems can be not only financial. At the same time, a reasonably used property can bring real profit.

Igma Capital Group operates as an asset manager; at that, various property types can be the asset management objects. We are ready to tackle serious challenges related to your property. The specialists of our company have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to manage various property types. Cooperation will be organized in such a way that you will be able to control our actions at any moment of time. You will take all key decisions.

Cooperation with Igma Capital Group will be efficient if your property:

  • requires considerable time, material, technical and managerial resources of the owner to manage it;
  • is promoted to the real estate market for the first time;
  • requires development and implementation of a special maintenance and exploitation program;
  • has the technical and operational characteristics that cannot meet market requirements;
  • generates the revenue, which is less than the market average;
  • has a very low occupancy rate, and many of your lessees do not pay on time.


What is our company ready to offer you?

  • technical, economic, and legal expertise of the real estate;
  • market value assessment of the site;
  • drafting of a detailed business plan for the real estate management;
  • application of the legal tools convenient to the owner;
  • attracting investments to your property;
  • selection and implementation of the best and the most efficient option of how to use your property;
  • soliciting the owner’s interests at government agencies;
  • correct selection and verification of lessees, documentary support, provision of rent collection.

What are the goals of Igma Capital Group if the company manages your property?

  • profitmaximization;
  • increasing of the property value;
  • inflationprotection;
  • pre-sale site refurbishment;
  • improving the owner’s prestige due to the fact that the owner possesses the property.

Igma Capital Group will enable you to benefit the most from the possession of your property.